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The way your hearing works is amazing. So if you have a hearing loss, we'll help you get back what you're missing out on. We could fill pages with technical information - but many are overwhelmed by the different styles of hearing aids, and without a consultation it's not possible to know which will be suitable for you anyway. So here we'll just give some basics. Anything more you'd like to know, just get in touch with us.

New digital hearing aids are designed to pick up human speech even in noisy surroundings, and amplify it. They are nothing like the ones you may have seen in years gone by! Custom fitting means you needn't worry about them being uncomfortable. And size? Well, most people genuinely don't notice that users have them. If you suffer sensorineural, conductive or mixed hearing loss, we can help you regain your valuable hearing


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Free consultation

Experts in audiology, not salesmen. Our prices are transparent and competitive. The real difference lies in our meticulous approach and aftercare programme - that's included in the price


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Like to know more?

The plasticity of your brain is engaged as soon as treatment begins. For clarity, this website deliberately keeps things clear and simple.  We can provide as much technical info as you need

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So what's it gonna cost?

Hearing aids start from as low as £295. Until we assess your hearing requirements, we really can't recommend a choice. We match or even beat internet prices, and all units have lifetime support. So you can get on with the things you enjoy worry free! Don't forget - we also include a 3 year home-care package. Because our expertise only begins with fitting