Chronic tinnitus often devastates lives. It can be described as a corrupted signal which may originate in the cochlea or the auditory processing centres of the brain. Impacted ear wax, ear infection, certain medications and stress can all cause or contribute to tinnitus.

Yet, addressing these does not always alleviate symptoms. These confusing facts can leave people feeling trapped and desperate


We can really help you

Unless you are a sufferer, there is no way to describe the depths that this condition may bring you to. We can succesfully guide you on your journey away from it. There is a raft of tinnitus information available now - and a range of treatment choices from many providers. From our hands-on experience, we have developed a multi-layered strategy that we honestly believe is the very best on offer. What does that actually mean? Because tinnitus varies in intensity and types, we treat every client with a bespoke package of care using a number of avenues. Advanced technology and specialised counselling alongside rehabillitation all play their part in the delivery of our highly succesful treatment



100% cure?


* Not yet. Research is being pioneered worldwide to reach that point. In the meantime, we believe there are always clear contributors to tinnitus. This means we can find them and start targeting them.

It may be difficult to believe, but we've assisted all clients to finally enjoy a sustained, livable breakthrough in their condition. 96% would class this as highly successful. Watch and listen to them tell you in Video Stories. They're real people just like you





* We cannot forensically publish our treatment route for copyright reasons. We identify all the contributory factors underlying your tinnitus, and what your tinnitus sounds like to you.

When we have all the information we need, your new digital hearing aids are personalised using our unique programming methods. We promise to always give unbiased, honest advice, no matter what you decide

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What about noise cancellation?

Our practical experience indicates that masking and distraction techniques achieve limited success across the spectrum of tinnitus types. Instead, we custom generate unique and specific algorithms after assessing your needs. These are then programmed into your hearing aids.

We realised that our approach was viable by succesfully treating the so-called untreatable clients. In fact we have searched for the worst cases. We are confident that we can help you - no playing with peoples emotions by offering false hope


How much does it cost?

Symptoms vary widely, so we can give you an approximate guide. A 2-year home care plan starts from £3995, a 4-year plan £5495. We offer easy payment plans to help you spread the cost if needed. 96% of our clients are highly satisfied with our unique treatment program. It is so detailed and caring we really don't think it can get any better. Experience how our expertise can transform your quality of life